Sunday Morning Memory Lapse

I learned early on in my ministry to warn congregants that if they told me something on Sunday morning I would likely forget it. There is too much happening and too many personal interactions for most pastors to retain much more than half of it. The church I did my first seminary internship at had a good system for this: an elder would stand next to the pastor at the back of the sanctuary following the service and note down anything a worshiper shared that needed follow up.

I think I need to start telling congregants that if they give me something on Sunday morning I might forget it too. Given the season, some very thoughtful youth and parents give gifts to pastors and youth leaders. Yesterday a student came up to me at the beginning of Confirmation and handed me a small pumpkin loaf. “My mom said to give this to you,” was all he said. I thanked him and set it aside to begin our session.

By the time I got it home I had completely forgotten which student gave it to me. I don’t like not saying thank you, so I think I’m going to have to review Sunday’s attendance and make an educated guess.

Whoever gave it, thank you. It’s delicious.

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