Stop Hiding Behind Self-Denigration

A word to my tribe, those workers and leaders who minimize our own contribution and employ self-denigration as constant cover: we gotta stop.

Putting ourselves and our work down is not doing for us what it feels like it’s doing. It feels like it’s presenting humility to our friends and colleagues, but it’s really doing something much worse. It’s beaming a constant signal that we don’t really want to be held responsible for our impact, good or ill.

It’s cover. Even if its real, it’s cover. It doesn’t help anyone.

Say it with me: “Yes. I made that. Thank you.”

3 thoughts on “Stop Hiding Behind Self-Denigration

  1. THanks, Rocky. I need this too. I keep turning to a speech in a favorite Sherlock Holmes story, “The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter,” in which Holmes points out that modesty is not a virtue, it’s an inaccuracy. “To the logician, all things should be seen exactly as they are, and to underestimate oneself is as much a departure from the truth as to over-state one’s own abilities.” Yes, I committed that to memory. Thank you .

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