My Favorite Lyrics of 2018

I’ve already posted here about my “Your Top Songs of 2018” list from Spotify as well as the “2018 Radio” playlist I’ve spent the year assembling. Today’s post is about lyrics.

The difference between a good song and a great one can be that one lyric that just stays with you. These are the lyrics from songs released this year that kept me coming back to their songs.

Some of them are tucked neatly into verses, and some of them are the chorus. They’re written for the ear and for melody, not for print. They’re still pretty great in print though.

Here’s to the writers.

“The first time I tasted somebody else’s spit I had a coughing fit.” Lucy Dacus, “Night Shift.”

“It’s nothing elegant in being a drunk. It’s nothing righteous being 60 and punk.” Death Cab for Cutie, “60 & Punk.”

“The only gun control that she supports is using both hands.” Will Hoge, “Nikki’s A Republican Now.”

“If I only see what I can see, I know it isn’t there, and if I only need what I can keep, I know it isn’t fair.” Chvrches, “Graves.”

“You could give an aspirin the headache of its life.” The Wombats, “Turn.”

“And I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Turns out that I’m crooked too.” Amos Lee, “Crooked.”

“I’m just calling ‘cause I’m used to it. You’ll pick up ‘cause you’re not a quitter.” Lucy Dacus, “Addictions.”

“You would dirty me up just to get yourself clean.” Lake Street Dive, “Good Kisser.”

“Punish him for the life he chose, but forgive the past that he did not” Dawes, “Crack The Case.”

“She cleaned my clock but it’s ticking still” Amos Lee, “Louisville.”

“I never been to Burning Man. But I love Modesto. That’s my jam.” Brett Dennen, “Live In The Moment.”

“My body doesn’t believe what my mind believes. My body might have some good news.” David Bazan, “My Body.”

“I’ll wait in museums while you take all day to see ‘em. Matt & Kim, “Happy If You’re Happy.”

“I feel my bankroll tight in my pocket, I’m gonna pay ‘em when they bill me.” Parker Milsap, “Gotta Get To You.”

“I can’t keep a secret from the guy at the store downstairs.” Titus Andronicus, “Above The Bodega (Local Business).”

“Chipped my tooth on an engagement ring; that’s bad luck.” Neko Case, “Bad Luck.”

“I picked a good day for a recreational Percoset.” Pistol Annies, “Best Years of My Life.”

“Did someone really say that the world is flat in 2017?” Shovels and Rope, “Great, America (2017).”

“You deal in unspoken debts: no kindness without wanting something back.” Lucy Dacus, “Nonbeliever.”

“Don’t try to go another round. Stay down.” Dawes, “Stay Down.”

“But if you need to make a martyr you got to take away the man.” Phosphorescent, “Christmas Down Under.”

“If the grass is greener then I’m colorblind.” Freddy and Francine, “Ain’t No Way.”

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