Off Mode

List of things to do on your day off:

  • Clean laundry
  • Prep Kiddo’s school lunch
  • Cook tonight’s dinner
  • Roast vegetables to have as lunch throughout the week
  • Make a stew for tomorrow and the night after’s dinner
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Walk the dog
  • Buy cat food
  • Haul window air conditioner units down to the basement
  • Bring Halloween decorations up from the basement
  • Mail things at the [&$^%#*@] Post Office
  • Get Kiddo from school
  • Take Kiddo to appointment

It’s not really a day “off,” at least not if “off” means there’s no work to do.

But what if “off” means working in a restful mode? What if “off” is less about the number of tasks on the list and more about the nature of those tasks and the feeling of time as you complete them?

I give you Off Mode.

Off Mode catches up on podcasts while working through the list and calls a friend in between items. Off Mode watches last night’s “The Walking Dead” over a leisurely lunch and then may take a power nap after. Off Mode clears the deck of the things that built up from last week’s On Mode and tries to set up the coming week’s On Mode for success.

Off Mode is work, but if you do it right it’s restful work.

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