Here’s To The Kid

Here’s to the kid.

Up at 6:00 on Sunday, on a train by 6:30. Starbucks reward in hand, she’s at church with her pastor dad by 7:15 because he thinks he has to lead worship at 8:00. He doesn’t though. He’s wrong.

She spends the 8:00 playing with the Bell Choir Director’s kid. The 9:30 hour she spends alone in her dad’s office with her phone–he’s in the junior high Sunday School class. When he returns he finds her sleeping on the office couch.

At 10:30 she goes to her own Sunday School for fourth and fifth graders, then immediately following she is dragged to a youth leader meeting where she is plied with pizza. She busies herself during talk of curriculum and scheduling by doing handstands against the wall.

At 1:00 her dad has to meet with a couple about their wedding, so she spends that hour, again, alone in his office with her phone. The battery dies. She reads.

She’ll get a boba tea for her cooperation and patience. That’s not near enough.


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