Playmeo Is A Great Ministry Resource

I purchased an annual subscription to Playmeo last week and used two of their activities on my first Sunday of the program year. I’ve been a subscriber to Mark Collard’s YouTube channel for over a year now. I’ve taken countless activity ideas from it. I sent his “Facilitator Tips” series to the rest of our youth staff as a resource.

It felt like time to pay for value.

I am increasingly aware how much of ministry work is facilitation with groups–small and large groups, groups of adults, youth, children and a host of combinations thereof. A tip top toolbox of facilitation skills and resources is really important, because our work is always calling on us to lead groups of people, and doing that well allows those groups to experience growth and learning.

People like Collard make their living at this and at training people in it. I am an enthusiastic acolyte.


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