To The Preachers Still Denouncing Tolerance in 2018

You’ve been saying for as long as I can remember that “tolerance” is the spirit of the age, the dominant cultural value that your flock must resist in the name of Biblical authority. But you’re not paying close enough attention. You’re misreading virtuous acceptance and welcome as tolerance of that which is vile and using that critique as a shield to hide behind. Worse, you still appear uninterested in the people doing the tolerating or being tolerated. That makes you look lazy.

At the same time, you are failing to notice a rising intolerance among those you experience as only “nonbelievers.” They are less tolerant of you for sure, a posture you have not missed and have not failed to decry as a threatening of your religious liberty. But you’re missing the bigger picture. Religiously motivated exclusion is increasingly rejected today as part of a larger cultural complex tied together with racist and sexist strings. Yet you remain unwilling to examine that complex and your part in it.

If “intolerance” is still your go-to homiletical punching bag in 2018, you need to up your game.

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