We’re Always Working

We work everyday.

If you’re not at your office or working on some project, you’re packing your kid’s lunch or listening to your friend’s story of work stress.

There is leisure in the midst of it, but we are never completely free of work. Physical work, emotional work, intellectual work: it’s all work.

So it’s not a choice between working and not working. Rather, it’s a choice between working with purpose and intention or working with frustration.

Yes, there are forces and factors that compound fatigue and frustration in people’s work, both paid and non-paid. Those of us who get to make lots of choices about how and where and when we work are the lucky ones. Yet the choice will always be there in whatever work we are required to do: do it well or do it just to do it.

Some days that choice is easier than others.

Happy Labor Day.

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