I Hope You’re Listening To Startup

Yesterday I opened my sermon with a recommendation. Go listen to the current season of the podcast Startup. It’s about church planting, and it is thought provoking and troubling and inspiring–even if you’ve never been part of a church plant or imagine you will be. Seriously, the experience of this little church plant in Philadelphia and its leaders are so relevant to church work in general that it is well worth your time. Also, it’s just a really well done production. Kudos to Eric Mennel and crew.

I listened to the new episode on Saturday, on my way home from officiating a wedding, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the central question it raised: what if being a good entrepreneur makes you a bad Christian?

It’s a question that pans all the way out to almost every professional expression of the faith. What if the skills and habits of required to successfully run a church or a faith-based organization are actually inimical to the practice of the faith and to growth in the faith?

I don’t think that’s the case, in the end, lest I wouldn’t be in the profession I’m in. But boy am I thinking about it.

Anyway, go listen to Startup.

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