What You Made Is Good

The fresh curriculum with the pastel infographics and accompanying DVD is so alluring on a website or a table at a conference. Once you order it, though, and page through it in preparation for actually using it, for giving it to others to use, it feels so much more complex. This will need to be changed; we’ll have to get those materials; omit that section (and, my Lord, how many variations on the verb “discuss” can we fit into a single lesson?)

If you’ve been making your own stuff, the glossy curriculum has some competition. Your stuff is for your people, and it knows your space and the supplies you have to work with. It may not be better; curriculum writers are hella talented. What you’re already using is flawed, but it has one major advantage: you made it. That means you can level it up where and how you need to with relatively little difficulty.

Check out the new curriculum for sure. But then be sure to look at what you’ve already made with the same set of eyes.

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