I Couldn’t Stop Watching The Two Students Who Were Watching A Baptism

There was a moment during worship yesterday that made a mark in my memory that is going to last. There is a baptism happening, a baby, and two teenage twins are leaning over the side balcony to see. The side balconies in our sanctuary run about a quarter of the way back, beginning above the chancel. These two are in the balcony above the baptismal font. They could fall into it from where they’re standing.

Everyone in the room is watching the baptism, as they should be. It’s a watershed moment: an identity is being imparted–beloved child of God. Yet I can’t take my eyes off the two eighth graders. Their baptismal identity was confirmed in this space just weeks ago, and now here they are taking part in the church’s work of naming that reality for someone else, saying “yes” we will nurture and care for this child, a total stranger to them, yet now a sibling in Christ.

It’s their faces, both of them. They’re eager to be here, to be part of this.

This is why youth should be in worship.

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