Why Does The Church Care About Lists?

They left you off their list. It’s a full list, full of smiling faces lauded for their skill in the thing you toil at day in and day out. The list says they’re good at it. Oh sure you’re good at it too, just not list good, just not “40 Under 40” good, not “10 Preachers You Should Know About” good. You’re good, though. Good enough.

Look, their list is stupid. It’s skews white and male and old. Take comfort in the observation that the people who pronounce upon talent value the same things today as they did half a century ago, and that’s not your era. You’re more 2020 than 1950. Also take comfort in the wry observation that nobody asked them; their list is an unbidden ego massage for the people everybody is already hyping.

But why take that comfort anyway? Who needs their list? Who needs any list? The work you do is not for anybody’s list. It’s for the people in the pews; theirs is the list you should care about.

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