They Got You

You got took. They tricked you, fooled you, distracted and deceived you (the police report will actually charge them with (“deceptive practice”).

You were a mark. You fell for it. They got you.

Its not entirely about what they stole, is it? The credit card is cancelled with a single call, and you will be out no money. A new card will arrive in a few days.

No, it’s not just about the item. It’s about you. Thieves saw in you someone they could exploit, and they were right.

Two things about this.

1. Now you know. You’ve seen this scheme and will recognize it next time. Congratulations. You learned something.

2. Being a mark is not the worst thing you can be. They got you because they hijacked your desire to be perceived by strangers as non-threatening and polite. You don’t have to stop being that way just because this group of tricksters got one over on you this time.

The world needs people who project openness over hostility more than it needs people who will never be taken.

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