I Ordered A Book About Phone Addiction And A New Phone On The Same Day

Yesterday I spent my day off cooking while listening to last week’s “Political Gabfest”podcast in which John Dickerson cocktail chattered about Catherine Price’s new book, How To Break Up With Your Phone. I remembered that I read an excerpt from the book in February.  

Dickerson said the book has “some useful solutions which are better than the, like, ‘turn your phone to greyscale,’ and other things that are frustrating and not helpful.” He’s throwing a little shade there at Tristan Harris and his “Time Well Spent” movement. I know that because I’ve spent a lot of time listening to Harris and reading about what he’s doing–and eagerly adopting his tech-restrictive prescriptions–over the last several months My phone is currently in greyscale.

So I walked down to my local bookstore and ordered the book. It should be in Friday.

A couple of hours later I walked into T-Mobile and ordered a new smartphone.

I contain multitudes.

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