“Thank You” As Evidence of Impact?

There might be a correlation between the impact of our work and the number of “thank you”s we’re delivering.

Does saying “thank you” more often heighten the impact of our work? Maybe. But that’s not where I’m going. No, I’m wondering if “thank you” can be takes as evidence of impact.

Since January I have burned through two entire packets of my favorite Thank You cards. I have sent them to numerous people who have worked with me on things that made heavy demands on their time, attention, and energy, things that we had not tried before and that I could not have done solo. The rest of my remaining packet will get burned next week thanking leaders of local faith communities, staff colleagues, and the college student participants in our first ever Urban Youth Mission interfaith alternative spring break.

Maybe writing lots of Thank You cards is a sign that we’re working on things that are bigger than us, whose impact, too, is bigger than us.

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