What’s Preventing More Collaborative Community Youth Ministry?

A new friend asks, “Why don’t the multiple churches in my community, some of which don’t run any youth ministry activities, work together on community-wide youth ministry?”

My gut response is that they don’t because they don’t exist. Tina the part time Youth Director exists. Steve the retired dentist who teaches high school Bible study exists. Becca the Solo Pastor exists.

People can work together. But for that to happen, either Becca or Tina or Steve has to take the permission to call or email the other two and propose something they can say “yes” or “no” to.

Let’s try a weekly youth group together.

Let’s plan a retreat together.

Let’s organize a community service day together.

If they say “no,” then the answer to my new friend’s question is basically, “Because Tina/Steve/Becca didn’t want to.”

Or the answer might be, “They do.”

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