What Is Wrong With Us?

“Now is the time to act. In the wake of tragedy, when emotions are at their most raw, when we are most horrified, is the time to attack the horror. Trust the rage. Trust the disgust. That reaction is the most reliable guide in deciding how to fix this. Once cooler heads prevail, then the people who died are simply names on a list and the country simply shrugs its shoulders–until the next time.”

I wrote that on April 18, 2007, after the shooting at Virginia Tech. Literally dozens of times since that posting, a man with firepower has killed multiple people on a school campus. The federal legislative response has been limited to a measure that improves access to mental health records for gun purchase background checks. Many states have actually passed laws to permit more guns on school campuses.

Yesterday it happened again.

We are nearly two decades removed from Columbine, the inaugural school shooting, and we have done practically nothing to make it less likely that an individual bent on murder might acquire the weaponry to carry it out.

What the hell is wrong with us?




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