I Laughed Out Loud At This Podcast’s Takedown of Bullet Journaling

Go to minute 47 of this week’s “Culture Gabfest” by Slate to hear the most entertaining discussion of Bullet Journaling you will hear. Ever. Be warned, the hosts swear a bit about it, as hard as that is to imagine.

Anyway, minute 47.


The Managing Editor of Slate’s podcasts, June Thomas, wrote a defense of the system last week which featured this helpful summary: “It’s Getting Things Done for people who like old fashioned pens and paper.”

Getting Things Done. I did that too. I also did dozens of digital organizational tools that wore me out, which is a bad, bad sign for a tool that is meant to take away stress and enhance effectiveness.

Steve Metcalf can guffaw all he wants, Bullet Journaling has helped me for longer than anything else I’ve tried to keep track of projects and tasks and to feel good about it. I have half a dozen completed Bullet Journals on my shelf. When I start to feel buried, I look at them. They say, “This too shall pass.”



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