Getting Back Into Mail

I was so proud of our digital communication plan. We put flyers and sign ups online, and then we created a weekly e-newsletter filled with links to those flyers and sign ups. We even started sending event-specific emails with compelling “register now” subject lines. We even put a job application on our website.

Everything digital. Nothing in the mail.

It’s working to tell most youth and parents in our orbit what is coming up and how to participate. But it isn’t telling them why they should.

Perfect example: the fall Confirmation retreat. Lots of students knew it was happening and when (they’d received emails galore), but many, many of them did not know what it was. Like, they didn’t know what a retreat was. So they planned to skip it.

We’re pivoting back to sending some things home in the mail. This event is on the website and has already been sent out as an email flyer, but I also wrote a letter about it and sent it home. I did the same thing for our Our Whole Lives retreat.

The resurrection of mail is about explaining why we’re inviting students to retreats and trips, not just what those things are and how to sign up.

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