Good Work

What I love about this story is not the distribution of partisan points or the “gotcha” element of a web video. It is a very, very bad look for James O’Keefe and those of his ideological ilk, impersonating a sexual assault victim, but there is no news in that. There is actually no “gotcha” to the story at all, because the people responsible for the video repeatedly stress that they are recording the interaction.

Here’s what I love about this story: good work. Specifically, good journalistic work, the conventions of objectivity and verifiability thwarting the twisted aims of liars.

The story only works because journalists did what journalists do–they checked sources and verified claims with more than one of them before publishing. Their source turns out to be a partisan operative working to produce a hit piece on “the mainstream media” in the service of helping an accused pedophile win an election. The hit piece fails because the conventions of objective journalism actually still work.

What conventions of your work are you sticking to out of conviction? Keep at it. Good work will win out.

One thought on “Good Work

  1. I agree, this was satisfying journalism. It is good for journalists to work harder to research stories when presenting information, especially in this era of social media when facts and opinion blend together so tightly.

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