The Work of Work/Life Balance

I’m figuring out that Work/Life balance is not something that can be given to me, either by my work or my life. I have to make it. I have to work for Work/Life balance.

On the Work side, I have to make the best possible use of planning and preparation time. If I’m in the office and not in a meeting, I need to be making progress on designated projects. I need to be doing Deep Work.

I need to be working at Home, too. Not working on work, but working on Home. The kind of leisure time that I associate with the Home side of this ledger simply does not arrive if I have not done some work to make space for it. This is why much of my day “off” is given to preparing meals and doing laundry, because if those things aren’t done the rest of the week will be badly out of balance.

The takeaway here is that Home and leisure are not the same thing.

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