This Is The Story of The Church Youth Bluegrass Band

A parent of one of the high schoolers from my church texted me a photo on Halloween night. It was of her son and four of his peers from the church youth group, all dressed up as a “bluegrass band.” There were hats, overalls, bandanas, jugs, and spoons. They’s said they were doing this, but I hadn’t taken them at their word.

I smiled, because teenagers deciding to do something silly together is fun. Also, these youth don’t live close to one another; they invested time and forethought into a common project they all cared about, not one that was assigned.

My smile broadened as I recalled the long van ride to North Carolina last July during which three students entertained themselves for hours with a sprawling description of a fictional bluegrass band, including instruments, names, and, of course, outfits. Phone-less for 10 hours, this is what they did instead of Snapchat. Now, three months later, they’ve actually brought it to life.

Talking to a parent the following day, I smiled all over again to hear how she and her husband (whose son is in the band) spent trick-or-treating time with the other band parents. They hadn’t met each other before. They had a lovely dinner.

This is the story of the Church Youth Bluegrass Band.

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