Trick or treating in the high 30’s is not going to be pleasant. But Daughter’s Target-bought unicorn costume is ready, because yesterday I soaked it in water to remove the slime it accumulated at the Sunday afternoon slime making Halloween party we hosted for her friends. I also laundered the white turtleneck and pink leggings that go with it, along with every article of dirty clothing and linen in the apartment.

I did all this in between cooking a really nice corn chowder for Wife and I to have for our lunches this week, a Mississippi roast for last night’s dinner, four chicken thighs for shredding over salads, and three breaded Tilapia filets that were supposed to be Sunday night’s dinner but were neglected in favor of leftover party appetizers.

It was a pretty standard Monday, and I loved it.

Mondays are my days off, and I fill them with cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry. I end Mondays utterly relaxed and rested.

Rest, for me, does not require no work. It requires different work.

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