Friday New Release Focus: Emily Haines And Deer Tick

Emily Haines of Metric has a new solo project out today, the same day that Americana band Deer Tick releases a two volume project. These are the two releases I’m excited about this week.

The summer I moved to California, 2007, I spent a lot of time learning the freeways and listening to Grow Up And Blow Away, the Metric album beloved of indie music fans for its dramatic history–recorded in 2001, its release was delayed by the band’s label until a different label bought the rights and released with only minor revisions. I learned the Inland Empire to that album. Here’s my favorite song from it:

Here’s a track from Haines’ album out today, called Choir of The Mind. It’s released by Last Gang Records, the same label that released Grow Up . . . in 2007 (and, incidentally, the label for a bunch of stellar north-of-the-border acts, like Stars and AC Newman).

“Planets” doesn’t blow me away, but Choir of The Mind goes in the library on the strength of Metric’s resume.

Born on Flag Day is a Deer Tick album released in 2009 that was my introduction to that Americana band. I loved it, and my love has everything to do with John McCauley’s scratchy vocals. Everything. Deer Tick had me at “Easy,” the first track on Born . . . 

I am a little suspicious of the “Vol.1, Vol. 2” convention they’re employing with what they’re putting out today. But I can’t argue with “Card House,” one of the songs they released from the project last month.

Any new music releases you’re excited about today?

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