Gluten And Youth Group

So here’s a funny little thing that makes a big difference: gluten.

All of the cookies, crackers, bagels, sandwiches, and pizza we give to teenagers and their families at church youth events have it. For 99% of them it’s not a problem; they hardly even know it’s there. But for an increasingly visible segment of our community, gluten is a no-go.

We’ve tried to get savvy the past year about providing gluten free food alternatives, but now we’re getting uncomfortable with the demand that places on some to self-separate. What if we went gluten free by default? How hard would that be?

Food ought to help build community,  not reinforce division.

One thought on “Gluten And Youth Group

  1. Gluten free by default is a good way to go. It’s not hard at all except pizza. You could however, get tortillas. (Corn or Gluten free flour) and let them make their own.

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