Next Year’s Youth Ministry Wish List, Part III

More worship. That’s the third item on my Youth Group Wish List for the coming year.

Sunday mornings are complicated. There are worship services at 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00, children’s Sunday School during the latter two services, youth choir rehearsal at 10:00, and three youth programs–Jr. High, Confirmation, and Sr. High–all at 11:00. Church is not the only thing youth and their families are committed to on Sunday mornings, either.

I do not expect that students and their parents will spend both a youth group hour and a worship service hour at church every Sunday. So our youth group activity at 11:00 for several of the Sundays in the upcoming year will be to participate in the worship service.

And I mean participate. Students will be invited to serve as liturgists and ushers during those services, and everybody else will be together though not hidden in back.

Our youth are part of a congregation that worships in a stunning sanctuary with pretty incredible music and compelling preaching. That they would never experience that because they’re always in youth group at the same hour seems like a lost opportunity.

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