July 14th Album Releases I Added Without Even Hearing Them

We engage the new work of people whose old work worked for us. Acquire first, listen later. The new work doesn’t need to be like the old work, only connected to it.

I added these July 14 album releases to my library without hearing a note, based solely on my experience with the artists associated with them. The work you do today buys you a chance to be heard next year, or next decade.

Offa Rex, The Queen of Hearts

A collaboration between The Decemberists and Olivia Chaney that covers a bill of traditional folk songs, like “The Old Church Yard”:

Oh Wonder, Ultralife

Their gutsy project of uploading one song to Soundcloud a month for 12 months before releasing them all as an album back in 2015 made me a fan. This one is billed as a conventional album.

Waxahatchee, Out in The Storm

Waxahatchee is a Katie Crutchfield, a singer whose voice is like sandpaper–to an itch. I would listen to hear read the American Health Care Act.

Lo Tom, Lo Tom

I was never into Pedro The Lion, but frontman David Bazan’s solo albums have done a number on my attention. If he’s connected to it, I want to hear it. Lo Tom is a side project that involves former Pedro members.

Whose work will you engage based solely on what they’ve already done?

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