Pomp And Circumstance And Gluten Free Donuts

This year’s high school graduates from the church I used to serve were in the third grade the year I met them.

My daughter was born that year. She is just now finishing . . . third grade.

This makes me think about her age and mine, of course, and it prompts all kinds of reminiscence about the past nine years. But I also wonder: who are the people in my daughter’s life now, today, beyond her family, who will care when she graduates from high school?

One of the graduates I’m thinking about was provided with special gluten free donuts every Sunday for six years by the couple who taught Sunday School to the youth. As much as anyone in his life, that couple is due some congratulations at his graduation.

This seems to me a big part of church: growing the ranks of adults who know about and care about young people who aren’t related to them.


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