A Reminder Of The Beauty of Bullet Journaling

I was tickled to discover this weekend that my 14-year-old niece uses a Bullet Journal. We spent several minutes geeking out over our respective journal choices, logging systems, and even pens of choice.

I’ve written about my Bullet Journal a bit here over the past four years. It is indispensable to my weekly work and home routines.

My favorite thing about Bullet Journaling is the flexibility of it. There is a spine to the system made up of monthly and daily logs, an index, and individual project pages, but beyond that, the number of innovations and adaptations you can introduce, experiment with, and abandon is countless.

My Bullet Journal has always featured the Master Project List of the Getting Things Done methodology. I’ve added weekly meal planning systems derived from the Bullet Journal blog. Most recently, my daily logs have taken on the Deep Work time blocking of Cal Newport. I do more with my journal the more I use it; the one I started in October will be all full by the end of April.

What did I ever do without it?


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