I Need To Level Up My Communications Game

I took a Cartel Course on communications strategies to learn that I don’t really have one.

I send out a weekly e-newsletter. That’s my strategy. That strategy costs me $40 per month, which is used to not. I’m pretty sure that’s money badly spent.

The course made me identify different groups I want to communicate with and how. Students, parents, and volunteer leaders can’t all be served by a single weekly e-newsletter. Honestly, my communications habits have focused primarily, if not exclusively, on parents. I do almost no communicating with students. Not with social media. Not with texting. A little with email, if initiated by a student.

My volunteers get a weekly email from me most of the time with materials for the week’s youth groups, but it’s not always timely or consistent.

Time to level up the communications game. In addition to the weekly e-newsletter, I need to mix in a monthly newsletter for parents, and my weekly emails to volunteer leaders need put on a schedule. Some communication piece for students needs developing.


Communication that isn’t deliberate and disciplined frustrates everyone, including me.


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