I Got Lost In An Org Chart And I Loved It

I lost myself in an organizational chart yesterday afternoon. It was bliss: three hours of creating and moving boxes representing work and people, configuring them this way and that. It could easily have gone on for another three hours.

An org chart feels like an exercise in idealism, even escapism. Pressed by projects and tasks in the weekly march of ministry work, indulging in an entire afternoon of drawing those projects in boxes, color coding them and moving them around, is oddly relaxing. Suddenly you see where the thing you’re working on right now fits in a larger labyrinth. And you exhale.

But where in the org chart is the new work that nobody is doing yet but that, if you’re paying attention, could and should be part of your ministry within the next six to 12 months? If everything in the chart is spoken for, and all the peoples’ plates are full, how will you experiment with anything?

How do you plot experimentation on an org chart?

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