I Tried To Outsmart The Time Change. It Didn’t Work

I always sleep terribly the night before the spring time change. I sleep a fitful sleep full of nightmares about sleeping too late. But no worry this year: I had a plan to trick my alarm clock. It was brilliantly analog.

Here it is: since the phone is the alarm clock, switch it into airplane mode before midnight and set the alarm for one hour earlier than you actually want. If you want to get up at 5:00, set the alarm for 4:00. Since, in daylight savings-adjusted time, 4:00 is actually 5:00, you’re good. Mass chronology tracking shenanigans: defeated.

Only somehow the phone clock changed on its own anyway, even with all the networks switched off. Which means that the alarm went off at a pre-daylight savings time of 3:00.

Digital wins again. I tried to analog outsmart the time change and got digitally punched in the face.

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