I’m Putting Deep Work To Work

The Acer R11 is back in the shop again. Seriously as The Verge might be about the R11 as the best Chromebook you can buy, when your one thing as a computer is web connectivity, you’d better be sure that thing works reliably.

So we’re blogging on the phone.

I finished Cal Newport’s Deep Work on Monday and started putting one of its insights to work on Tuesday by tweaking my task list for this week. Newport is down on task and to-do lists, because the don’t differentiate between shallow and deep work. Shallow work are tasks that any college educated worker could do, right now: ordering bagels for the youth group, scheduling a meeting, updating attendance logs. They need done (and well), but they don’t demand much in the way of concentration.

Placed alongside deep tasks, things that do require long periods of uninterrupted concentration, we choose the shallow stuff. It feels good to tick off those boxes.

So this week my task list is in two columns: deep and shallow. The deep all have to do with preparing materials for this weekend’s Confirmation retreat. 

Now to schedule the time to actually do the deep work…

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