The Weekly Email Newsletter Is Almost Perfect. Almost.

We are relying entirely on a weekly email newsletter to share information with our youth and parents. We have a crack team of communications pros at the church who format it, pulling together various threads that the youth ministry staff post to our Slack channel. The signup for the newsletter is on our website, and the communications team manages it, not me.

For the most part this feels efficient and effective. Not only information about upcoming events, but also actionable signups, celebratory reports, and even prayers and pastoral notes are fed weekly to our community of teens and their parents. It’s one of those more-important-than-I-expected pieces of my weekly workload.

But it’s not perfect.

Last week’s newsletter contained a note in bold that a parent meeting featured on our annual calendar for the coming Sunday was cancelled. That didn’t stop a parent from showing up for it, confused and a little irritated. “But we put it in the newsletter” is no help in that situation. I’d published two conflicting pieces of information, and the newer piece could not out-influence the older.

Maybe the parent meeting announcement should have gone on the Facebook page. A dedicated email about it to all the parents could have helped as well. As much as I like our little weekly publication routine, it’s not sufficient for every element of our ministry that will need communicating.

What communication tools and routines are you using?


4 thoughts on “The Weekly Email Newsletter Is Almost Perfect. Almost.

  1. Phones. We text message anything really important. If they don’t use text we call. Not every parent uses Facebook or even text.

      1. Nope. I would have no problem with it, but I’ve delegated it. My Youth Adviser in charge of logistics just has a group text that goes out about once a week with one or two key updates. It seems to have really cut down on the information falling between the cracks, but I’m also aware that our youth group is about 15 kids, which is a very different in terms of size from your situation.

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