My Last First Thing

Tonight our Confirmation students take part in the annual homelessness immersion experience, where they spend about 18 hours navigating streets and shelters with only what they can carry before sleeping on a cold gym floor. It’s an experience unlike anything most have done before, and it’s my first time at it too. I started this call about a week after the homelessness immersion last year, and boy was I glad for that.

This is my last first time in this call, at least with the activities I inherited. I’m going to miss claiming ignorance and deferring to my colleagues who have done these things before.

I’m also going to miss the freedom of not knowing how we’ve always done it, of making it up as I go. I don’t see why that has to entirely stop, to be honest.

Anyway, as you enjoy your Friday night, spare a thought for a group of 8th graders who will be braving the Chicago cold to learn and serve. Spare several more for the men and women they’ll meet, who aren’t choosing this experience but are re-living it every night.

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