Show Your Work Sunday

Note: in an attempt to get better at writing curriculum, I will be sharing pieces I write or compile here for the sake of feedback and sharing. Use anything here you like. Object to anything here you don’t like. 

This week’s Confirmation talk is about the Holy Spirit. My go-to for these talks has been Kim Fabricius’s delightful “10 Propositions” posts, but it took me about an hour of work on this one to conclude that his Holy Spirit installment is way too oriented toward academic theology to be useful for 8th graders. And so I started over, focusing much more foundationally on spirituality.

Here’s to showing your work. 

The jr high students are helping lead worship in three weeks, including writing some of the liturgy. So today is their second installment in a series about the basics of worship. Like the Confirmation piece I wrote this week, it was something else for awhile before it was this. I got some good curriculum-writing advice recently to stop trying to write everything from scratch and start employing elements from existing curricula, but I neither have nor could find anything for youth about the Reformed understanding of reading, hearing, and proclaiming Scripture in worship, so I kinda ditched that advice (although the last part is clearly not original).

The format I employed for this lesson owes to that recent advice, too. I’ve never used a Hook, Book, Look, Took template before, but I found it useful for this subject.

Here’s the link to that piece. 

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