It’s Inauguration Day And I Don’t Know Exactly What To Think Or Do

I’m not watching the inauguration today. I’m getting my work done. I’m glad we have inaugurations, though, and that our executive governmental transitions happen with pomp and pageantry instead of guns.

I’m not marching in opposition, either, though I’m grateful for the marches and the people in them, for the sign (and the signs) they are: the engaged, inclusive citizen in this country numbers in the millions.

I’m not offering to pray with the President-elect. I’m sure glad these two of my fellow Presbyterians did, though. I’m grateful to have a place in a church that is committed to active public engagement as an expression of its mission, the constructive kind. Thank God these two spoke the truth to the man and then prayed with him, that they didn’t merely denounce him to his face and so satisfy so many of our (hard earned) feelings of anger and indignation.

I’m not calling it “Trump’s America,” either. It’s still your America and my America. Having a President like this doesn’t let us off the hook.