Help Me Write Better Curriculum

I have written more curriculum since September than ever before in my career. Each new addition I compose makes me feel more urgently the need to get better at it.

How do you do that?

It’s almost entirely for the 8th grade Confirmation class that I’m writing this curriculum, since our jr. high group is using a purchased piece and our sr. high group is led each week by our very capable Sr. High Director. They are presentations for a group of about 25 students some weeks and small group discussion guides other weeks. They hew to a format for interactive meetings laid out in Stanley Pollack’s Moving Beyond Icebreakers, and they try to pay attention to Howard Gardner’s theory of “multiple intelligences.”

That’s really all I’m going on.

I attended a seminary that boasts one of Christian Education’s most important scholars, yet I managed to avoid every one of her courses (none of them had “mission” in the title. Duh). I’ve read all her books since then to catch up. Still, it feels like there is a theoretical grounding for creating great curriculum that I skipped.

Maybe the best way to get better at this is just to keep churning out work and soliciting feedback. Maybe there’s some theory to add too, though?

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