Signing Off For 2016

I’m about to ship my Acer R11 Chromebook off for repair, so I’ll be off blogging for the next two weeks (one of which will be vacation). Before I go, though, here’s some quick 2016 blogging year in review stats.

Total 2016 page views: 17,683 (down from 23,518 in 2015, but higher than 2014) .

Most read post: Fun With Bible Mad Libs. This is a five-year-old post that keeps getting found. People must really be into Bible Mad Libs.

Most read actual post: Shannon Kershner’s Sermon On The Unjust Judge Is Important And You Should Listen To It. 

Most read actual actual post: An Open Letter To Chad Andrew Herring. 

The value of the day-to-day work of sharing something here is not reflected in the stats showing what is most seen. That is true every year, and not just of blogging.

Thank you for reading and sharing and commenting. Thank you for what you’re doing to make the world better and brighter. Here’s to 2017.


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