In Memoriam

February 7, 2010

Adam:  Good morning. I’m Adam Cave. This week is a special week at CPC. Not only do we have the privilege of welcoming Rabbi Jonathan and Cantor Paul from Temple Beth Israel, but today we’re taking part in the biggest youth-led food drive in the country. The Souper Bowl of–

[Rocky enters waving a bulletin insert and banging a pot, yelling: “Here it is! Here it is!”]

Adam: Uh, Pastor Rocky, here what is? I was in the middle of an announcement about the Sou–

Rocky: —the Super Bowl. Right. I know. Here it is.

Adam: What do you mean, “Here it is?” Here what is?

Rocky: The Super Bowl. I mean, look at this thing: it’s shiny, tough, durable, has a logo on the front. Heck, it even has a cape. If there’s a more super bowl out there, I sure haven’t seen it.

Adam: Oh wow. Pastor Rocky, the Souper Bowl I’m talking about isn’t just a bowl with a cape–it’s a nation-wide fundraiser led by youth. It collects money to help the hungry right here in our own communities. What’s super about it is that was started by a single Presbyterian youth group in South Carolina 20 years ago, and yet last year it collected over ten million dollars to feed the hungry.

Rocky: Ten million dollars! That’s a super amount of money. You’d need a super-duper bowl to hold all that. Where does it all go?

Adam: Every dollar raised goes directly into local communities. For example, everything that we collect here this morning will go to the Beta Center food pantry in Pomona.

Rocky: Ahh, now I get it. Okay, so, after church, everybody needs to climb into our super bus and take our super bowl full of money to the Beta Center!

Adam: Aye aye aye! What seminary did you go to? No, that’s what the bowls are for! That’s what makes them super! Not the cape! After worship, a bunch of us will stand at the back of the church with the bowls, and people can put their donations into them. Theeeeennn, we’ll give it to the Beta Center.

Rocky: Of course! Well, then, since this bowl doesn’t need a cape to be super, I guess I’ll take it off and use it for something else.

Adam: Pastor Rocky.

Rocky: What?

Adam: Leave the cape.

Rocky: Really?

Adam: Yeah, it’s a nice touch.

[both exit]

2 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Linda gave me the link. I was not there that Sunday when this prayer was given, but it reminds me so much of Adam and the kind and creative person he was.

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