Three Reporters You Should Follow on Twitter

Opinion and commentary are easier to write than news and analysis. It looks the bold, courageous role: the man or woman with a take. Maureen Dowd. George Will. Jim Rome: “Have a take. Do not suck.”

But I can’t shake the feeling that the greater value for our time is provided by the reporters whose stock and trade is sources, facts, and analysis. That work feels far more difficult–more time intensive, more constrained, more risky, even.

I’ve started paying attention to the bylines in the news stories I read and to follow those writers on Twitter. It’s giving me a greater appreciation for the long body of work these reporters are producing and the amount of that work that must never make it to print.

Here’s three you could follow starting today:

Nobody knows more about health care policy than Sarah Kliff (Vox).

Nobody understands labor issues better than Noam Scheiber (The New York Times).

Nobody can explain the Syrian conflict better than Raja Abdulrahim (The Wall Street Journal).

Follow reporters on Twitter. Buy subscriptions to the papers that employ them.



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