My Annual Events Calendar Is Not Enough

What is the most important thing your youth ministry does?

A parent asked me yesterday to prioritize for her student the various upcoming trips and retreats. Should he go on the ski retreat? Or the Jr. High retreat? Or the Confirmation retreat?

So I’m thinking about that. It’s challenging, because I don’t think of these things in terms of rank importance, but rather in terms of value forĀ particular students for particular reasons. I’ve embraced a more-is-more kind of strategy that multiplies the opportunities for youth to go on trips and retreats, knowing that no student will go on all of them. Each one aims to be a unique experience of community and faith formation.

But I haven’t communicated that philosophy to parents, and so of course all the trips and retreats appear on the calendar as equally weighted.

I need to start narrating what these different opportunities are. It’s not enough to stick them on a calendar.

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