Three Questions Before You Blow Up The System

Before you blow up the system, ask yourself three questions.

  1. Is the system really the problem? Should my anger be directed at something else? The people who are goading me on to pull the pin, what do they stand to gain from a system reduced to rubble?
  2. Who is this system even for? It’s not working for me right now, for sure. I’m not getting the things I need, the things I used to get. But who is getting what they need from the system as it stands? Wealthy people? Poor people? Disenfranchised or privileged people? The people who are working to preserve the system, what do they stand to lose if it goes up in smoke?
  3. What comes next? After I have flexed my muscles for destruction, what is it that I dream of building? Am I even thinking past the demolition?

Blowing up the system may still be what you want to do, but if you’ve asked these questions you can rest easy in your reasons and minimize the time between clearing rubble and putting up scaffolding.

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