Making Connections Is What You Do

If you’re the one who raises her hand to volunteer, you get to decide what the thing is going to be. Make Island Getaway the theme if you like. Charge admission. Serve salad instead of pizza. You volunteered, and so you’re the one investing the effort and staking your reputation.

But what did you volunteer for, really? Was it to complete a set of tasks and dutifully complete a project? Probably not. I think you volunteered to make connections. You’re the kind of person who seeks to add value to peoples’ lives and new skills and experiences to yours. That’s why you signed up. That’s why you said “Yes” when someone asked you to lead, for free, in your spare time.

Don’t hold it against those who didn’t raise their hands. They don’t get to complain about the end product, true; if they don’t like it they can be in charge next time. It doesn’t have to come to that though. You’re now in a position to create something that will make the hesitant commit. You’re going to make people wish they’d worked with you. And then, you’re going to invite them to again.

Making connections is what you do.

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