Have You Listened To Your Podcast Today?

Now that I have a healthy commute six days a week, I’m listening to a lot of audio on the train: Spotify, Audible, and, most of the time, podcasts (using Pocket Casts for Android). These are the shows in my rotation at present.

The Fivethiryeight Elections Podcast

Song Exploder

The Weeds Podcast

Revisionist History


I talk about podcasts all the time. The people who have the misfortune to be in my presence with time to talk have endured illustration after illustration about the surprising awesomeness of broccoli and that time Brian Koppelman made Big Jay Oakerson cry and how tall Jake Gyllenhaall actually is. To me, it seems like the impact of a really good podcast episode can last for months.

And yet the episodes I blather on about the most were produced by shows that, while still in my feed, are not at the top of my rotation at the moment. And that’s what’s great about the medium. Podcasting allows you to put out content on a regular basis that many people may consume the very day you publish it, while many, many more won’t ever discover it for weeks and weeks. But when they do, it may impact them for long after. I just found out about Revisionist History, and it hasn’t aired a single episode since August.

Do yourself a favor and listen to a good podcast today. It could benefit you for days.





One thought on “Have You Listened To Your Podcast Today?

  1. Ditto FiveThirtyEight Election. When you’ve finished everything on your pkaylist, try Snap Judgment, The Moth or 99% Invisible.

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