Student Questions Make Confirmation Fun

I invited our Confirmation students to share their questions about faith and related phenomena. Compiling their responses was illuminating. 

I grouped their questions into categories, because I can’t help myself. 

Jesus got more questions than anything else.

“Did Jesus plan to die?” 

“Did Jesus fight back when he was on the cross?”

“When is Christ coming back?”

“Did Jesus walk on water?”

The students’ questions about Jesus are all related to claims the faith makes about him and not about the claims Jesus makes about the kingdom of God in the gospels. I’ve had students scratch their heads over “Blessed are the meek” before, but not here. 

A close second was questions about the church. 

“What would happen if we didn’t go to church?”

“Why is church an hour long?”

“Why is church on Sundays?”

These are questions about the most basic elements of something these 8th graders have been made to do since they were children. They’re precisely the kind of questions Confirmation is for. Every one of them opens into a conversation about Christian theology and practice. 

This is what makes Confirmation fun. 

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