Why I Log All My Youth Group Games

Logging is valuable for more than nostalgia. When you log your work–especially if you log it in a digital, searchable, cloud-based format–you’re creating a guidebook for future work.

Example: youth group games.

I have a Google Doc for youth group games that I started seven years ago. A couple times a year I add new games I’ve learned to the document, and by this point it’s seven pages long. Every game on there I’ve led at least once. My game logging hasn’t been exhaustive, which is too bad. But it’s getting better. I’m adding tags to my game descriptions to make the log more easily searchable, and I’ve added a collaborator.

My game log saves my life when I need to plan a game for a retreat or youth group meeting but can’t think of one straight away and so feel like a terrible youth leader. Taking a few extra minutes to be a little more thorough today will save me a bit of despair a year from now.


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