I Forgot How Amazing The Telephone Is

I caught up over the phone yesterday with a good friend to whom I hadn’t spoken in months. Sure we’ve texted and messaged and commented on one another’s Facebook statuses (stati?) in a pretty constant stream, but we haven’t actually spoken since I can’t remember when. Maybe March?

That phone call made the rest of my day better.

I don’t adequately appreciate the telephone. It’s a bloody marvel, isn’t it? You just can’t achieve the depth of conversation the phone affords with the sprawling array of text and photo-based tools we’re all using. Pace, volume, and pitch are just a few of things that a telephone conversation allows you to experience that, unless you’re face-to-face, no other medium can handle (my experience with video calling apps like Skype makes me even more enthusiastic about the phone. I was once asked by a search committee to do a Skype interview and I insisted on a telephone conference call instead–though those aren’t perfect, I guess).

I appreciate more about my friend and what’s going on in his life after an hour on the phone than I do after months of almost constant digital contact.

Reach out and touch someone today.


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