I Have Several Non-Answers To The Question: “What’s Saving Your Life Right Now?”

I’m introducing myself to a room full of colleagues this morning by answering the question, “What’s saving your life right now?”

The Royals are winning again.

My spouse started a new job.

My daughter is in a really cool maker’s camp this week.

I have really supportive people.

I get to do work I love with talented, committed people.

None of those are my answer. I have an answer, don’t worry. But none of those candidates are it.

I have the fortune of work and relationships and commitments that amount to a life that doesn’t feel, most days, like it requires saving. I am tempting fate to acknowledge this, I know, and surely the days areĀ coming (they’ve visited before) when life feels in desperate need of saving. But these are not those days, thanks be to God.

That’s not my answer either.