We’re Doing A Mission Trip With 5th-8th Graders Next Summer. Help.

Yesterday I wrote about the children’s bulletins some of us collaborated on in August. Several people emailed to ask to see a sample, and so I’ll put one up as soon as I get a pdf made, hopefully by tomorrow.

There’s another collaboration with children’s ministry I’m working on, though, that I wanted to share and see if anyone has done something similar: a mission trip with both middle school youth and older elementary school kids, like 5th-8th graders.

The reason we want to try this is that both the Children’s Ministry person and I are interested in helping the church’s young people transition from children’s ministry to youth ministry. My added agenda is to put some of the responsibility for that transition on middle school youth.

It’s on our calendar for next summer, since I use calendar publishing as a personal challenge; once it’s on a public calendar you kind of have to do it. But neither my colleague or I have done it before. We’re thinking it needs to be close, like no more than a half day’s drive away, but that it shouldn’t be where we live. And we’re planning on a standard week-long mission trip schedule: travel Sunday, work Monday through Thursday, do something fun Friday, come home Saturday.

Anybody done this and have advice on it?

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